The omen of death : EUTHANASIA

Been a controversial topic for decades. Euthanasia has been gathering up heat for it to be legalized or not.

Though in the countries namely “Belgium” ,”switzerland” and “france” it is legal to do so.

For those who don’t know what EUTHNASIA is *which dimeshion have you been living in* it is a delibrate suicidal method to be relieved of chronic pain or suffering. Sounds horrible doesn’t it. Who are we to judge though! 

Euthanots is the greek word for dying well . Euthanasia is named the solmen death as the patient dies is the smoothest way possible. 

People choose to perform it as there lives are way more painfull then we could ever fathom. We’d never know how they feel as we cannot step into their shoes *me trying to be shakespearish*

According to me illegalizing Euthnasia is the same is denying someone their consiounes

Dated back to 1540s. It has been in practise for over 5 centuaries now. It was (as its name suggests) brought into practise by a greek surgeon and philosopher suetonios trying to provide mercy killing a to a patient suffering from caesurum

If you’d like to know more about euthanasia, watch the bollywood movie “Guzarish” translation “wish”. I can gaurantee you that after watching the movie you will never see euthanasia the same way you do now.

Resting my case here. I’d like to quote myself

“Enjoy life to the fullest! If you don’t feel like doing it then don’t, nobody tells you what to do”

            – SANYA NEGI